Best Treatment for Dark Skin with Bags Under the Eyes?

I'm a black male with bags under my eyes and I have done research on laser resurfacing. But due to my skin type this procedure could scar my skin. Please provide safe and also good result oriented procedures that would fit my skin type besides laser resurfacing. thanks

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Lower eyelid bags may be improved with an Injectable Filler treatment.

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It's impossible to make a specific recommendation without seeing your photo, but in general, lower eyelid bags can be minimized by filling the groove between your lower eyelid and cheek. Sometimes lower blepharoplasty surgery is necessary. Laser resurfacing is not typically performed for lower eyelid bags. I've attached a photo for your perusal: the result is subtle, and a second treatment would be necessary for complete correction. I hope this is helpful for you.

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Cause and treatment of lower eyelid bags

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The eyeball sits in a bone walled socket & is cushioned by surrounding fat. This prevents the eyeball from sustaining damage by striking the bone side walls.
The lower eyelid has a 3 layer construction:
1-the outermost layer consists of skin & eye closing muscle
2-the middle layer consists of cartilage, eyelid lowering muscle & a thin membrane that extends between the cartilage & the outer lower bone edge of the eye socket
3-the innermost layer consists of the conjuctiva a membrane like tissue that produces tears & covers the eyeball when the eye is closed

As one ages the membrane in layer 2 between cartilage & eye socket rim stretches. This membrane normally holds the fat that surrounds & cushions the eyeball in place within the eye socket. However, once it is stretched out it can no longer keep fat within the socket. This protruding fat then gives the appearance of puffy eyes also known as bags under the eyes. The puffiness can be exagerrated by the connection between membrane & eye socket rim. This connection creates a sharp margin between cheek & eyelid skin exagerrating the puffy look.

Sometimes this looks worse in the morning & improves a bit as the day progresses. This is due to increased distribution of body fluids to the head at night while one is sleeping & redistribution during the day when one is upright. If there appears to be an associated area of darkness around the eye that improves as the puffiness resolves the darkness is due to a shadow created by the puffy area.

The surgical treatment for puffiness involves redistribution of the fat following division of the membrane between cartilage & eye socket rim with removal of variable amounts of this fat. If you just remove all the fat you can be left with an unnatural sunken cadaveric look. This puffiness is different from the swelling seen with allergies or fluid overload/retention & requires examination by a qualified physician to differentiate between these causes.

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