Black Eyes 4 Wks Post Op After Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I recently had rhinoplasty and I am experiencing black eyes 4 wks post op. What can I do to help reduce the black eyes?

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Black Eyes 4 Weeks after Rhinoplasty

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Bruising after rhinoplasty surgery is normal, but rarely is visible this long, even in light-skinned individuals. However, in 35 years of doing this surgery, I've never seen this persist. Our aesthetician shows our patients how to apply camouflage make-up after surgery.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

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At this point, ice usually doesnt help, you are too far out.  You can use cover up make up to hide the bruising and sometimes things like arnica help, but again usually that is take closer to the surgery time.

Good luck.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Reduce Eyelid Bruising after Rhinoplasty Surgery

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Lower eyelid & cheek bruising after rhinoplasty or nose job surgery is expected. Most bruising may last a couple weeks, but sometimes may last a little longer. To promote recovery and reduce bruising, plastic surgeons often ask their patients to do the following:

arnica montana - herbal medication which improves bruising and swelling

ice packs - apply to cheeks & forehead, but not directly on nose

elevate head - allows gravity to promote tissue recovery

avoid exercise & strenuous activity

avoid blood thinners - check with your physician as to what medication or herbals are allowed

Makeup may be applied under the eyes during the healing process to camouflage skin bruising. Speak with your cosmetic surgeon and follow his/her care instructions.

Houtan Chaboki, MD
Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Reducing black eyes after rhinoplasty

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Discoloration of the skin around the eyes is common after rhinoplasty, and is due to blood in the tissues which is visible under the thin skin of the lower eyelids. Herbal medications such as arnica montana may help diminish bruising and swelling. Usually it is also safe to apply camouflage make up on the lower eyelids as long as there are no open wounds in the area.

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

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