Does my anti helical fold get less thick / prominent over time? (photos)

I had an otoplasty due to lack of antihelical fold 15 days ago. My left ear needed just a little bit more correction than the right. This resulted in a thicker, more prominent antihelical fold on the left side. Also it seems this side had more trauma, as in more pain and bruising, than the right. When looking at the ears, the left has a thicker, and longer (reaches all the way to the helical fold) antihelical fold, which results in asymmetry. Will this get better over time or should I revise?

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Thicker anti helical fold

Its too soon to answer, remember asymmetry its almost impossible to get especially when you had really different ears before the surgery, i recommend you to wait at least until the 4th month post op, when you will have a real idea of your results.

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Does my anti helical fold get less thick / prominent over time?

Regardless of whether you were operated on with a traditional method or with the stitch method, the antihelix can still be swollen 15 days after an otoplasty so that nothing can be said yet about the final volume of it. I recommend that you wait at least 3 months and then post new photos, if you still have any questions.

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