Black Dots and Raw Red Skin After CO2 Active FX. What Do You Recommend?

what should I apply to my raw red skin? I'm five days post co2 active fx. I am currently applying cortisone and barrier cream. Can I wear a good sunscreen? Also will these black dots flake off or are they blackheads on my nose? Also curious what the typical pattern of exfoliation is. Seems like my chin has peeled first. Thanks

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Procyte's CU3 "COPPER CREAM" is my favorite barrier cream & moisturizer post CO2 Fractional Laser Peel.

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Without examination, it is difficult to exactly pin down where you are in the healing phase post op laser peel. Problems could range from simply being too aggressive with your towel upon drying your face and neck to an infection. Usually after 5 days the patient is still swollen and red, with pink areas fading to beige in areas where less energy was applied. Sleeping elevated, icing face and neck, using clean or distilled water to clean with and "Dabbing" not wiping dry with clean towel all are essential for rapid, safe recovery.

I would recommend having your physician check your wounds, change to distilled water, do not apply old non mineral makeup ( wait for 2 weeks minimum), use a mild facial cleanser (not soap), and possibly be placed on a topical antifungal with a stronger steroid cream (if indicated), p.o.(by mouth) antibiotic,and even a short course of steroids by mouth.

If attempt to aggressively resurface sebaceous laden nasal skin was attempted, the exfoliation of your epidermal sebaceous glands (the black dots) may take up to 2 weeks.

I would wait 2 weeks for redness to subside before applying sunscreen, and avoid direct sun exposure for 6 months to prevent hyperpigmentation.

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Post Active FX Reactions

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Thank you for your question. Laser resurfacing is a fractional laser treatment that has minimal downtime depending on the depth of treatment. I would recommend using nonirritating  and mild moisturizing creams and sunscreen with zinc. Photo damaged skin  usually starts to flake off within 2 days of the procedure.  Peeling patterns may be different for everyone and chin area tends to peel  the most. I hope this helps.

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