Does everyone end up with a flat butt with a butt lift? Also having a lipectomy done at same time. I'm 55 years old.

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Buttock lift

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Thank you for your question. The answer to your question depends on which procedure is performed.  When a buttock lift is performed in conjunction with auto-augmentation the result is a lifted buttock with enhanced projection.  Your own tissues are utilized, and when liposuction is performed around the neighboring zones, your shape is even further enhanced. 

Flat butt after "butt lift"?

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Unfortunately yes, a traditional buttock lift from above always results in an elongated flat buttock. The remedy is to have a buttock implant placed either instead of the lift or 6+ months later. I see at least 2 patients a month with the "flat butt" problem after a buttock lift. The only way to guarantee a permanent full projected result is with an implant. Glad to help. 

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