BL/BA and Only 2 Scars, Still Droopy Looking? (photo)

I had BA/BL done last week. I got 400 ccs. My PS said I would have 3 scars..1 around the areola, 1 vertical, and 1 under the crease of the breast. I only got the 1 around my areola and under the crease. He said they werent as droopy as he thought and felt with the big implant size he could get away with the vertical lift to save me getting another scar. My 1 week pic, they still look so low and square, nothing up top. I feel I'm gonna have the same droopy boobs just filled a little more.

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Breast lift and augmentation

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AS for the incisions used, a Lollipop incisiion was performed instead of an inverted-T.  That is better in the sense of less incisions. As for the shape or fill, if you fill that you do not have enough volume, then a larger implant may have sufficed. As for the shape, it will undergo changes over the next few months.

BL/BA and Only 2 Scars, Still Droopy Looking?

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Even with the poorly posted photos I can not disagree with your assessment. Best to discuss with your surgeon in detail Sorry. 

Droopy Breast After BL/BA

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Dear Pam,


Unfortunately, your photos are not that clear and I cannot provide you with an accurate answer.

Nonetheless, 400cc should have filled your breasts more than what it seems to be the case in the photos.

Since you are at 1 week after your surgery, I would say that being a little more patient is your best bet for now as well as keeping your surgeon in the loop of your progress.

If a revision is necessary, you will not be able to have it unless you achieve a certain level of recovery, usually within 6 months post surgery.


Best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Breasts still droopy after lift and implants

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I would have expected more fullness throughout your breasts with a 400cc implant. If the implants were placed completely sub-pectoral than maybe they are just stuck. It takes a month or so for them to settle downward. Check with your surgeon whether or not you can massage.

It appears that you need more volume

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From your before and after photos it is a bit hard to envision that you have 400cc implants.  If they were placed under the muscle it can be that your photo is not showing us the implant being high up on your chest currently.  If this is the case, as the implant is allowed to settle lower being centered under your current breast gland, that your breasts will be fuller and therefore less deflated.  Side photos and an examination would be needed to determine if you need tightening of the lower pole of your breasts.  At this time your breast width does not appear to be excessive and therefore the lift may not be as much an issue as the volume.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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