Should I be biting on my Crown?

Last year I went in after a had a tooth crack then dentist found alot of decay but he didn't think it was down to the root so he did a clean up and a crown after 13 visits to get my bite adjusted because i couldn't chew on it he decided best bet was to just root canal the tooth. That was about 5 months ago. Since then ive been back to the dentist 3-4 times to get the bite adjusted but everytime its fixed my bite seems to chance after a week to hit it again? it's on tooth 31 should it hit at all?

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Crowns are designed to be used

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All bites have a little imperfection, but the goal is to strive for perfection.  While the tooth SHOULD touch, even not "slightly" is still useful (food still gets chewed up).  Things like this CAN be frustrating, and sometimes there are other issues to uncover.  Perhaps a cracked root or bone too close to the crown margin.

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