Should I get underbite/ lowerbite correction surgery? (photos)

i have an underbite and it is (as you see in pictures) mild at least in my opinion, and when i went to an orthodontist at age 18-20 years, he said that braces are the solution without surgery, now i'm 26 and your opinion is very important Thanks in Advance

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From the photos it looks as if you could correct this with orthodontics. This is only if the orthodontist feels they can flare the uppers and set back the lower teeth and still be over bone. An unstable movement will result in relapse. This is a pseud fix in the sense the real problem is bony not dental
orthognathic surgery is the treatment of choice, but involves surgery and orthodontics. Cost is also an issue
make sure your orthodontist has treated lots of these cases of your type. 

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