Swelling Underneath Armpits After Breast Surgery

I am having quite a bit of swelling adjacent to my breasts underneath each armpit? Is this normal? i am 1 week post op and it's still very puffy in that area. My incision was in my inframmary crease. Could this possibly be fluid? I did not have drains.

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Armpit swelling after breast implant augmentation

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Fullness in axilla could be fullness but unlikely because it is on both sides. IT is more likely axilllary lympadenopathy (lymph node swelling)

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Swelling after breast surgery

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It could be fluid, it could be swelling... It is imperative that you speak with your operating surgeon. If you are developing a complication it will be much more easier to treat with less chance of a long lasting adverse effect if it is addressed early. Your payment for the surgery included the care after surgery so don't be shy to ask  your surgeon or voice concerns. You already paid to have those questions answered and concerns addressed. The answer could be something so simple as to loosen your bra or postsurgical garment.

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