Birthmark Removal On My Neck Behind My Ear? (photo)

I have a Congenital Nevus birthmark. It is located on my neck, behind my ear. I am considering going to consult a Dermatologist. I am wondering what the total price would be including the anesthesia, the hospital stay, and the removal of it. Without any insurance. I am going to get it surgically removed. But i have not seen any body about it yet. It has a length of about an inch and a width of about 2 inches. Also, it does have hair growth.

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Removal of neck birthmark

Hi Samantha, thanks for your question and photo.

The cost will vary considerably depending on who does the surgery and what type of anaesthetic you have. If you're not afraid of needles or surgery and you are keen to keep the cost of surgery low then I suggest you have the procedure performed under local anaesthetic.

The position and size of your congenital naevus may mean that you would have a shorter scar and better long term result if you have it surgically removed in two stages a few months apart. This is termed "serial excision". Surgery will remove both the colour and the hair growth from the area once the skin is removed.

Ask your primary care doctor (GP) to refer you to a surgeon or dermatologist who does this type of procedure to find out more.

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