I Have a Birthmark on my Face...and I Want to Remove It but I Don't Know How.. Can You Please Tell Me How? How Much the Cost? :)

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Giant Congenital Nevus

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A giant congenital nevus is a large, pigmented birthmark that can occur anywhere on the body. In some cases, the entire body is covered by these birthmarks, and the nevus can even be present in the spinal cord and on the surface of the brain. Accordingly, some giant congenital nevi can be excised, while others can not. All must be closely followed for the development of cancer. The lifetime risk of malignant melanoma developing within one of these lesions is small but real. For large lesions that are removable, there are two main strategies that can be employed: 1) serial excision and 2) tissue expansion. In the serial excision method, the lesion is partially removed and sutures together to itself. Once the surrounding skin has been able to stretch (over 6-12 months) the process is repeated. In some cases this procedure must be performed 3 or 4 times (or more) in order to completely clear the lesion. The other treatment strategy is tissue expansion. In this process, an inflatable balloon is placed (for example) in the neck. Over the following month, the balloon is slowly inflated with saline to expand the neck tissue. Once the balloon is expanded enough (judgment and measurement by the surgeon), the balloon is removed, the lesion is excised, and the skin flap is advanced over the cheek to cover the wound left by the lesion. These procedures are covered by insurance because of the risk of malignancy in giant congenital nevi.

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