How to Get Rid of Birthmark on Cheek?

i have a birthmark on my left cheek, its a hyperpigmentation birthmark and 1inch big, how can i get rid of it?

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Surgical removal of Pigmented birthmarks

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Pigmented birthmarks are directly removed surgically. Because it is relatively small, 1 cm, it can be closed directly after removal leaving a fine line scar in most cases. See a board certified plastic surgeons for best result and make sure what is removed is sent in for testing.

Laser birthmark removal

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Vascular birthmarks such as port wine stains/capillary vascular malformations can be treated with lasers which target the hemoglobin molecule in the blood.  The pulsed dye laser is most commonly used.  Pigmented birthmarks which contain melanin are very difficult to improve with current laser technology. 

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