Can birth control help Melasma?

I developed Melasma a few years ago when I was not on birth control (never have been) or pregnant. I was very stressed at the time and I think my hormones were out of wack. I have literally tried everything except laser treatment to reduce the appearance of melasma with minimal results. Then it suddenly occurred to me that maybe getting on birth control would help regulate my hormones and reduce the appearance of the melasma. Any suggestions?

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Birth Control Pills and Melasma

Birth Control Pills can exacerbate melasma and I would urge you not to consider this a treatment.  Sun avoidance, chemical peels, topical bleaching agents, and Cosmelan are some of the best treatments for Melasma.

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Melarase creams - melasma - and birth control

Birth control is one of many risk factors for melasma.  If melasma develops, we advise patients to begin application of Melarase creams twice daily. 

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