Swelling Pain Seroma?

Had a breast augmentation just over 4weeks ago and I'm experiencing very bad pain and swelling in and around my left breast around the uper pole and from the chest bone down and to the nipple it's extremly painfull to touch I can't sleep because if I lie down the swelling increases. hope the picture helps. 520cc silicon nagor implants surgeon used splitting muscle technique if this helps. Surgeon sent me away saying it would just go away and it's nothing to worry about.

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Breast Implant Swelling

Swelling after breast augmentation can be caused by a few things. If the swelling is mild it will typically go away on its own. Severe swelling making one breast look much lager than the other may need to be addressed. Each case is tailored to the specific situation. I am unable to see your photos, so if you are uncomfortable with what your surgeon is telling you, seek another opinion in person.

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Swelling /seroma?

Sorry but without photos or an exam in person it is impossible to say what is going on.  You could even hav an infection if it is red and painful.. Best to see your surgeon.

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Seroma after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question. Unfortunately, there is no photograph attached. Sometimes, it is difficult to make a diagnosis of seroma  clinically;  an ultrasound study may be helpful. If a seroma is diagnosed treatment options will vary. Some fluid accumulations will absorb without intervention;  some may require a drainage procedure. In my practice,  I individualize the treatment of each patient,  depending on the clinical situation.  

Generally speaking, if  the seroma is of significant size and/or does not appear to be  decreasing in size,  a drainage procedure may be indicated.  I have concerns about the presence of a fluid accumulation around the breast implant and the potential for longer-term problems such as encapsulation.

I would suggest that you continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon; if still in doubt seek second opinions with  well- experienced plastic surgeons in your area.

Best wishes.

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