2% daily salicylic acid peel and 10% mandelic/ salicylic acid peel. Any suggestions?

Hi, I've being using 2% salicylic acid daily [in the night] for 2 weeks now and I'm still peeling even though I have been constantly moisturising & not picking. It doesn't sting and I've been building the time up leaving it on my face so they i now I leave it on over night; I have no burning sensation at all. When wil the peeling stop? I also use the mandelic / salicylic acid every 10 days.

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Peeling post Peel-Consult Your Dr.--Proper Skin Care Needed

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The peel may have deeply penetrated the skin. I suggest if you are concerned to speak to your physician.  Ensure you have the proper skin care at this time.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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