How long does perlane last in the nose the first time you get a non surgical nose job procedure done?

I had a non surgical nose job using perlane about 3 months ago an the results are still looking pretty good. I was wondering how long will this roughly last before I need another top up? This was my first time getting it done an I heard it usually doesn't last long the first time. Also is it safe to continuously keep getting filler on your nose? Are the risks even greater the more injections you get?

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The Results Of Nonsurgical Nose Jobs May Last 1-2 Years

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I have been performing nonsurgical nose jobs with volumizing fillers for over fifteen years. In that time, there have certainly been improvements in the materials used for this purpose. Today, we have a number of robust volumizing fillers, including Radiesse Plus and Voluma XC. Perlane, now known as Restylane Lyft, is also a decent choice for use on the nose. In general, these more volumizing and lifting injectable fillers tend to persist longer, in my experience, between one to two years. Injected materials are subject to both normal enzymatic degradation, as well as to mechanical factors, such as the amount of movement to which a particular region is subject. Since the nose is not subject to a great deal of movement (unlike, say, the region around the mouth), subsequent breakdown of the injected materials, particularly when more robust fillers are used, tends to be slower. And it is for this reason that relatively longer-lasting can be anticipated when the nose is treated with them. 

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