How does a lip lift affect the midpoint of the mouth area? (photos)

I am a male looking to get a a lip lift. In the example provided, the lady has undergone a subnasal lip lift. The effect that I am curious about, is the huge difference in the distance between the subnasale and the stomion. Usually the distance between the top of the lip and the subnasale point is talked about. It seems to have been significantly reduced. I was wondering how this works, and whether it's possible to minimise upper lip pout whilst decreasing the subnasale-stomion distance.

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It Depends

As with most plastic surgeries, the effects of a lip lift, on any area of the smile, depend on the surgical technique and the specifics of the case. 

It is entirely possible to have a very subtle lift, minimizing the upper lip "pout" while still decreasing that distance. See the web reference for a before and after photo of a subtle male lip lift patient.

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Subnasal Lip Lift

By decreasing the skin distance between the base of the noise and the upper lip, there is an effect on elevating the Cupid's bow and the vermilion of the central upper lip.This may change the stomion position slightly. How much that would be affected is a function of how much skin is removed. At 25% of the philtrum skindistance excised the stamina would probably not change. But at 33% or greater then it would be affected.

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Lip Lift

Thank you for your question. Each patient desires a different result with the lip lift procedure. The direct, subnasal and corner lip lifts are each designed to provide an unique permanent solution as an approach to lip augmentation.

I suggest that you move forward and consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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