Too much drainage from TT?

I had my surgery 11 days ago and am still measuring 35-50 cc out of each drain (I have 2) in a 24 hour period. Is this an abnormal amount? I really want to get my drains out but I also realize the risk for seromas and other problems. I want to avoid aspiration at all causes. I just wonder when this amount will taper off as my PS will not take them out until each drain is below 25 cc per 24 hrs

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Drainage seems normal

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Thank you for your enquiry.  The drainage following your tummy tuck does not appear to be excessive and should settle in the near future.  Ordinarily I would be happy to remove one of the drains i.e. that which is draining least so it is more convenient for you to get around. 

Seromas can be significantly reduced using a quilting technique whereby the anterior abdominal wall is plicated to the underlying musculature.  I strongly recommend this and have found the development of seromas has reduced considerably following this technique.

Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Drains should stay in at this point

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Not everyone heals the same.   At this point the drainage is to high to remove the drains, but the numbers are not extremely high.  Should be fine.  Typically have a drain in for 14 days.

Too much drainage from TT?

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Thank you for your question.  Unfortunately there is no exact timeframe for drain removal as each person will produce varying amounts of fluid during recovery.  As long as your drain outputs continue to trend downwards, and there are no signs of infection at your drain sites, I would recommend holding the course and allow your body additional time to seal the skin back down to your stomach muscles.  Most drains are removed within two weeks of surgery, but some may persist for a week or two longer.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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