Breast reduction from J to big C or small D? What's your opinion? (photos)

I have always had boobs I think in 9th grade I was already a D cup and by 11th I was a DD and just kept growing. I don't know my exact size but it's between 38H or 38 J but I really want to go down smaller. I'm scheduled next month to have a reduction and tummy tuck to remove extra skin do to losing some weight. It's messing with my spine so it's needed.

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Breast reduction

It is very difficult to reduce someone who is very large to very small because a certain amount of tissue has to be attached to the skin flaps as well as the nipple for these key structures to have a good blood supply.  Best of luck.

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Breast Reduction Opinion

Thank you for your question.
I think you will be a very happy patient after your breast reduction and tummy tuck.  I wouldn't focus as much on final cup size, as bra size varies among manufacturers (so a doctor's thought on a "small D" may be different than a patient's).  I would look at the before/after pictures of your doctor, and try to find somebody with a similar body shape to you, and let your doctor know if you like the postop size, or if you'd like them bigger or smaller than what that patient had.  Best of luck!

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Final cup size after reduction.

Thank you for your question and photos. From what I can see, you will do very well with a breast reduction.  I tell my patient's not to worry too much about the final cup size, because it will be difficult to predict.  The main goal of a breast reduction is to remove enough tissue to relieve the symptoms, but also leave enough behind to reshape the tissues into a nice looking breast that is proportional to the patient's body frame; whether you measure out as a C cup or DD cup is irrelevant if you achieve these goals,  

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Breast reduction cup size

Based on your photos and the fact that you are having back and neck pain, I think a breast reduction is a great idea for you.  As far as final cup size, there is a lot of variability depending on what company makes the bra, so you really cannot use cup size as an accurate means of measurement.  I would recommend looking at before and after breast reduction photos, finding a patient with postop results you like that has a similar body type to yours, and use that to show your surgeon what look you are wanting to achieve after surgery.  It's not an exact science, but this should be a good way to express your goals in a visual way that will help your surgeon get you as close as possible to the result you want.  

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