Is there something wrong with my profile: x-rays. (photos)

Hi i was wondering if by looking at my x ray pics there is something wrong with my face my bones seem really small, like the jaw bones. I started off with an underbite when I was young I had braces treatment that was not complete so it was somewhat fixed. I have bulging eyes is this because there some deficiency with my cheekbones , do I have a negative vector? Will fillers help me? also I have facial asymmetry can you tell from my xray and what can I do about the asymmetry? thanks

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Facial analysis

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This is a tough question. From these two X-ray views alone it is hard to answer all of your questions. For example the negative or positive vector question is the relationship of the eyeball and the orbital rim with the soft tissue in place. It is hard to appreciate the soft tissue with an X-ray alone. The implications of a negative vector are with blepharoplasty and post operative complications mainly. Weak or recessed malar/cheek bones can give this appearance and there are many ways to correct it. Fillers can definitely help as can implants of the cheeks. The chin projection is slightly recessed but only by a millimeter in this image. This again is best analyzed in clinic with facial analysis. The facial asymmetry cannot be appreciated on these two views alone. That is again because it is a combination of the bony and soft tissues that make of symmetry. Most people have some facial asymmetry if you look closely. A facial analysis in clinic is the best way to appreciate these differences. 

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