Only going to get worse? Breast re op after cc (Photo)

I am 7 days post op after having a reop due to cc. I am so upset with my results they seem very saggy and my nipple are wonky and seem a lot bigger. I have to wait 3 months to see my surgeon for a check up but are they going to get worse and drop more? I was under the muscle but have now changed to over the muscle on the recommendation of my surgeon. I'm just so upset.

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Breast re op

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It is recommended that you wait for about 3-6 months before judging the results of the procedure. it is normal for your breasts to have a different shape for a few months because your body is still recovering from the operation and healing itself.

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Needs more time

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Hang in there.
These will continue to improve and look better.
Seven days is very early in your recovery.

Exchange of breast implants

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It is difficult to assess from your photos, but from what I can see, you seem to have a good early result. It is only 7 days and you do need to let things settle for about 3 to 6 months before judging the results of your surgery. Following exchange of implants for capsular contracture, your breast will appear to droop down naturally as the tight capsule that has been holding the implants high till now has been released. I would certainly give it time at the moment and if you do end up with a significant droop in future, you may need to consider an uplift (mastopexy).

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