Week 8 of Obagi Nu derm system: Wrinkles are much worse. Will this get better or have I cause long term damage?

I am using the Obagi Nu derm system (AM: Cleanser, toner, Clear, Exfoderm, hydrate, sunshield; PM: Cleanser, toner, Clear, Blender, Tretinoin0.05%, Hydrate ). I am in week 8. My hyper-pigmentation has all gone but my wrinkles around my eyes are so much worse. I am only 29 and look much older. I never had these wrinkle before. Will these go away? Have a damaged my skin long term? I am also still peeling, will this stop soon? My doctor has said to continue with the system and this will get better.

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Started NuDerm, now with more wrinkles

Since you are still peeling, your skin has not completely adjusted to the Retin A. You need to continue with the system as suggested by your doctor. The skin will look more wrinkled until your skin adjusts to the the Retin A and the peeling stops. You have not created any permanent damage.

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