When will I be able to stretch my hands or get up from bed by myself?

10 days after BA 390 gel under the muscle. I feel so disabled, I can't do things by myself, can't stretch my hand, can't put my hands up, can't sleep on the flat surface, can't get up from bed, can't sit up straight and even can't sneeze, is this normal???

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Debilitation after breast augmentation.

Most women do not have this level of pain and discomfort at 10 days post-op, even with submuscular placement. Feelings of tightness and fullness are still common at your stage of the recovery period and submuscular placement results in additional soreness of the chest muscles. Soreness is one thing, but feeling “disabled” and not being able to get yourself out of bed is another. At 10 days, you should be comfortable enough to return to light, daily activities and shouldn’t feel debilitated. I would highly encourage you to consult with your plastic surgeon immediately to ensure there are no major complications that are causing this degree of discomfort. Best of luck to you. 

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Pain after breast augmentation

The degree of soreness you are having 10 days after surgery is unusual and should be checked up.  Some patients have more tightness of the chest after surgery than others, and if your movement is restricted, the problem only worsens as it is important to keep improving range of motion day by day.

I would definitely have your surgeon check you out sooner than later to rule out any serious issues like a hematoma.  Assuming it is simply muscle tightness and inflammation, icing and muscle relaxants can help.  By the sounds of your situation, it would probably be helpful for you to see a physical therapist recommended by your surgeon.  Physical therapy can work wonders in improving movement, loosening tight muscles, and getting you back on track.  The sooner you start working on this problem, the faster you will get it under control.

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Pain after breast augmetation

It is normal to have more pain if your implants have been placed under the muscle.  However your pain seems to be more than normal.

I think it might be best to see your Surgeon to get the area checked out and to make sure you are on the best pain killers.

Good luck

Adrian Richards, MD
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When will I be able to stretch my hands or get up from bed by myself?

Guess this depends upon the technique used by your breast augmentation surgeon. Our patients typically raise their arms 30 minutes after surgery and continue to stretch out their arms every 30 minutes for the first 24-48 hours. Best to call his or her office and explain what you are feeling so you can be properly evaluated in person. Good luck!

Farah Naz Khan, MD
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