Sore armpits after breast augmentation. What can I do?

12 days after BA, I am wearing a compression band and this caused a lot of trouble to my armpits. They're really sore and because the weather as well as is very hot my armpits looks awful. The doctor said that I have to wear it till Saturday but at the post up appointment there was nothing wrong with it. Anything that can help me out?!

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Compression Band Irritation

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Chaffing and irritation from compression garments can often be helped with a thin cotton T-Shirt worn underneath.

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Sore armpits from compression band

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I would recommend a thin white smooth t shirt to wear under the compression band to prevent rubbing to the skin.

Chad Robbins, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Sore armpits after breast augmentation. What can I do?

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Perhaps pad the inside of the compression band with gauze or an ABD pad so it doesn't compress as much in that one spot in your armpit? You can also ask your operating surgeon for other recs to make it more comfortable. Hope this helps!

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