Will my post laser burns/marks clear? I have been doing laser for many years but recently moved to a new technician. (Photo)

I had laser hair removal performed 3 days ago and my neck has got marks/burns which appeared as soon as I reached home after the treatment. I have been using aloe vera gel but the marks are still the same as the picture shown (taken 2 days ago). I am really scared of scarring. Can someone please tell me if this will cause scarring and what I should do to heal it please and whether I should consider claiming as the laser salon have not apologised or accepting responsibility for what has happened.

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Burn after Laser Hair Removal

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Burns will usually go away on its own. Whenever your skin is red, you should protect that area from the sun. Protect your skin with a sunblock everyday.

Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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Burns from laser hair removal on neck

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I do think these are burns but they are most likely 1st degree burns. There might be pigmentation issues which take some time to resolve but probably will after several months. This needs to be treated with appropriate topical medications.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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