To massage or not to massage - upper eyelid surgery?

Hi I have had upper eyelid surgery a week ago and I am massaging the scar with bio oil twice a day over the bumpy tissue and over the lumps either end of my eye inner and outter. I have been reading comments on here that you should and that you shouldn't, which is correct. I suppose my real question is CAN I MAKE IT WORSE BY MASSAGING - and how long after surgery should I massage it been a day over a week now, is that too soon ? I just want to know that I'm not making it worse by massaging the area

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To massage or not

Please consider waiting on the massaging since you are so fresh from surgery. Apply aquaphor daily to incision site then speak with your surgeon about massaging.

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Yes you can infect the eyelid.

You can disinsert your upper eyelid tendon if you are over aggressive with massage.  Stop messing with your eyelid and please let it heal.  The bumps will go away provided you have not already made things worse.  Please be patient.  Most things resolve on their own.  We only recommend eyelid massage for certain issues. What you are describing is not helped with massage.  Please be patient.

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Can massaging the scar cause problems?

Thank you for sharing your question. Massaging the scar probably does not help or impair wound healing, but it offers great placebo effects. If you find it to be useful or if your doctor recommends massaging, then you should continue. I hope this helps.
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