Dear UK Oculoplastic surgeons, do you offer autologous fat graft for prominent upper hollow eyelids (genetic)? (Photo)

I am a 27 year old woman from West Midlands who has been bullied all her life for the way I look and have years of severe depression because of the way I look. I am in DESPERATE need to find a doctor who will fix my hollow upper eyelids (genetic eitiology). They make me look masculine, old and ill! I don't want to be the ugly duckling of the family any more :( Please can someone help and offer a price range? xx

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Good question

Thanks for your question which genuinely had some very personal points. It is a little difficult to comment based on a picture of one eye. Ideally if you could show a full face we could comment more easily on the atypical features of your eyelids. Often a masculine and aged face may be a combination of features, many of which addressed by a range of different techniques. Fat transfer is certainly one but others may do better. A bit vague but hopefully if you can post a full face picture we can answer your question. Adam Goodwin

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