Dear UK Oculoplastic Surgeons, can you please advise me about my hollow eyelids (and lower lids)? In desperate need (Photos)

I'm a woman in her late twenties from the West Midlands. I have genetically hollowed eyelids, I have little to NO fat around my eyes, this makes me look so masculine and ugly. I've always been bullied for my looks, so much so that it's caused me years of depression. Please can UK surgeons please advise me some fat grafting that could possibly be done in the UK to fix my hollow orbital and my ugly eyes. Please can you also advise how much it would cost?

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So fat or filler can volumise and soften the eye contours but there may be something else that can help feminise your face if that is indeed the problem. I would suggest seeing a plastic surgeon face to face and discussing your concerns. There may be a number of ways to address what troubles you. There are many excellent plastic surgeons in the Birmingham area who would be happy to help. We are located in Manchester and would be happy to see you if you would be interested. Hope that helps. Adam Goodwin

Periorbital hollow look

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Thank you for your question and photos.You do not look masculine or unattractive! Yes you have deeper set eyes and lessĀ periorbital fat. You can have fat transferred andĀ  but before hand you might consider a filler to see if you like it. The latter is not permanent when fat will stay there although only 50-70% of implanted fat will survive in the new area.Best fat for this fat transfer would be fat from face if you have any, the next best areas in descending order (depending on concentration of adipocytes derived stem cells) are ; fat from the inner knees, then periumbilical and then from outer thighs.Good luck!

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