Don't like my bulging eyes whats the best kind of treatment for me? (photos)

Hi doctors, I really don't like my eyes they bulge a lot and I don't know why, my thyroid is normal and I doubt I have euthyroid graves disease. What treatment is best do you think like fillers, do I have a small upper jaw because a orthodontist told me i do? The optician says my eyesight is fine although I do think i cant see things well from a distance. I got some pics showing current eyes and old pics where they looked fine.

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Bulging eyes

It appears from your photograph that your bulging eye appearance is due to the position of your lower eyelids. The margin of your lower lids is well below 'average.' Often this condition leads to very dry eyes. I recommend you consult an oculofacial plastic surgeon to explore correction this condition.

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Bulging eyes

Some people have very prominent eyes. Often this i caused by a medical condition called graves disease or thyroid eye disease.  But often it is due to trauma or just being born that way.  This can be quite concerning fro many people in that it makes them appear intense or not normal.  Many patients ask if there is anything that can be done and in the past the answer was not too much at least safely

Now that is untrue. We specialize in moving the eyes back or improving this bulging appearance for patients . This is specialized surgery that very few doctors would offer but our group has done thousands of these surgeries and our patients are very happy. In fact most find it life changing as you can find out from our patients Patients come to us looking to improve their appearance if their eyes are bulging.  Not everyone has bulging eyes so it is important to customize the process.  If someone has bulging eyes then we can consider several options including a surgery to reduce the bulging. To reduce eye bulging we will remove fat or shave a little bone to reduce the prominence.  This surgery is done under general anesthesia and takes about an hour and patients recover in about two weeks with bruising and swelling 

You should have an evaluation by a qualified oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation 

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