I have breast augmentation 5 days ago. I have no feeling at all from the nipple down to the incision on both breasts?

Please can you give me rough idea about how long it is normal for this to last, and when I should feel an improvement please? Thank you.

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Nipple sensation 5 days post op

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It is normal to experience loss of sensation around your nipple and areolar areas a few months after the operation. This is due to the damage of nerves during the breast augmentation procedure. Sensation should increase after your nerves heal naturally. You are very early in your recovery period. It is advisable to wait around six months to conclude your results.

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Breast augmentation and nipple sensation

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Thank you for your question. Nipples respond to breast augmentation surgery in a variety of ways. Some women report increased sensitivity, others notice decreased sensitivity. With all incisions this is a risk because the major nerve to the nipple comes from the very side of the breast, and any dissection puts this nerve at risk. The larger the implant, the wider the pocket has to be, and the greater the chance of this damage. The less accurate the dissection, the greater the risk of this problem. Whatever your experience, know that any change will likely subside over time. But even when everything is done perfectly, some women can have a permanent change in sensitivity, and all patients must be able to accept that risk before proceeding. Hope this helps with your decision. 

Breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question.

You are very early on in your recovery and throughout your recovery period you may experience different sensations such as numbness, tingling, burning or intermittent shooting pain.  These are normal experiences as the skin, muscles and tissue stretch to accommodate your implants, and as sensory nerves heal. This should resolve within 4-6 weeks. I would recommend discussing this with your plastic surgeon so they are aware of your concerns.
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Sensory changes after breast augmentation

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It is quite common for some sensory changes to the breast to occur after augmentation surgery. Often, there is some loss of sensation of the skin below the areolae and often hypersensitivity of the nipple. These changes typically resolve about 1 month after surgery. Some sensory changes are persistent, however, and may take up to a year to normalize.

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May take up to 3 months for sensation to return

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Thank you for the great question. A lot of the nerves giving sensation to the breast are stretched during breast augmentation surgery. The numbness you are having is normal right after surgery. Some patients even have some hypersensitivity of the skin and nipple. These sensory changes will usually resolve in a few weeks but may take up to 3 months to become more normal feeling. Best of luck and I hang in there!

~Dr. Sieber

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