Can I get braces to fix a missing tooth if I have extra teeth surrounding the gap? (photo)

I have a fairly overcrowded bottom row of teeth with incisors overlapping each other and recently I've noticed a central incisor being pushed forward out of my gum. So I was wondering if this central incisor does come out would I be able to get braces to pull the surrounding teeth to fill in the gap, considering the back root of the tooth seems covered by the teeth immediately either side of it?

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Thanks for sending your question. It should be mentioned that removing a lower incisor can impose a cosmetic discrepancy which should be avoided. Often time teeth such as yours can be re aligned with either conventional braces, or clear aligners like the invisalign product. In modern orthodontics we try to avoid the extraction of teeth if at all possible.

Please visit a local provider in your area for further evaluation of your teeth. I am sure your final results will be fantastic.

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