I'm looking for answers to why I have a bloated look to my face? (Photo)

I'm looking for answers to why my cheeks look so bloated. The heavy feeling to my face. I'm told this could be jowl fat or buccal. Please could you advise.

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Why I have a bloated look to my face? = if in the 30s, it could be facial sagging due to aging #buccalfatpad

As we start to age in the 30s, facial  skin starts to sag and lower face "fullness" and/or  trapezoid shape starts to develop. Very often patients think that is because of the buccal fat on the cheeks.

In my practice, I point out to patients in the 30s that most of the lower facial sagging is because of lack of cheek bone projection. Facial fillers, like voluma, by augmenting the cheeks (specially the lateral portion) can "lift" the face and address the lower face fullness in most male patients in this age bracket. 

Patients with questions and concerns about lower face fullness should address that concern by making a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon specialized in procedures of the face

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Buccal fat

Great question.  A picture of your entire face would make answering the question much easier...but really it would make my answer easier to explain.  I don't see any hypertrophic jowl fat, which a 3/4 view would be very helpful in.  however, you certainly do have hypertrophy of the buccal fat pads which bring your face "down" - gives you that heavy look.  I would love to be able to see the rest of your cheekbones and your temples because this would give me an idea of just how much volume loss you have had in the midface - often times, the combination of volume loss in the midface (aging, unfortunately) and buccal fat pad hypertrophy can lead to this heavy look.  Doing so during animation (while talking and laughing) gives us the best idea of what areas are deficient. Depending on which issue is more prominent, sometimes midface fat transfer (done differently in males than in females), buccal fat removal, or a combination of the two is the solution.  In our practice, we always ask for pictures from 5-10 years ago to get an idea of where you started not too long ago and get an idea of what you looked like.  I find this helps tremendously as well. I hope you have gained a little bit of information as you look to fix your concerns.  Best of luck! 

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