I'm 19 and considering a Breast lift or reduction; which is better?

Hi I'm 19 and have a size 38jj natural breasts but I have a slim body and they sag and I have to wear a bra with straps whenever I go out So I have dents on my shoulders because they are so heavy I just wanted to know if it's better if i have a reduction or if I have a breast lift can I go out without a bra?

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Breast lift or reduction?

 It is difficult to advise you with the right operation without photos, but based on your description the dents on your shoulders are good signs of overweight breasts. If you are experiencing back and neck pains then you should consider a breast reduction surgery to prevent further health issues, but you may have breast reduction and then a breast lift to improve the shape of your breasts and make them firmer and fuller.

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