Do Have Enough Fat for a Round Shelf Butt? (photo)

My names Daisy, Im 6ft and around 165lbs my measurements are around: waist: 33-34 hips:40 bust:38 I would like to have these measurements post op: Waist: 28-29 Hips: 44 bust: 33 i would like liposuction from the flanks, abdomen, waist and hips i have included pictures of myself and the body i would like post op x

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How much fat is needed for "round shelf Butt" ?

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You're not going to able to sit a cocktail on the top of your butt. so forget the shelf thing.

Your photos show more than enough fat to do the usual BBL. Some patients require a touch-up to get the result they want. Don't expect miracles, just a bigger butt! The improbable we do every day, the impossible takes a little longer.   Dr Foster  Lake Tahoe Plastic Surgery

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