Should a tooth that had a root canal 40 yrs ago be crowned or veneered?

I got hit in the mouth with a softball and had to have root canals on 4 lower front teeth about 40 yrs ago. Last night one of them cracked and part of the tooth broke off from the face of the tooth. Since the tooth is dead, should it be crowned or veneered? I would like to have all 4 teeth veneered. The 4 teeth are dead. Can they take the work that will need to be done or are they too frail?

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Veneer or crown? #DrSoftTouch

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Both a veneer and crown can be placed on a tooth that has had a root canal. As a general rule, full crowns are recommended following root canal therapy to protect the tooth from fracture.  However for front teeth, a veneer may be possible, depending on the tooth itself and how much of tooth structure is remaining. Good luck and I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

Crown, root canal tooth

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You can definitely do crowns or veneers over root canaled tooth.  However without photos and X-rays it is difficult to give you an accurate advice as to which one would be better in your case.


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