Surgery for basal cell carcinoma located on the upper lip in the crease of my nose.

Diagnosed after 3 years of being called a mole. I am a redhead and have a very low threshold to pain. I am PANICING over the thought of the surgery and the discomfort of the deadening injections. It usually takes more than the doctor is accustomed to doing because of the difficulty in getting the areas completely numb. My question is would it be out of question for me to use a plastic surgeon for the surgery so that I could get the intravenous sedation to keep me pain free and relaxed ?

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Ice can help

Topical anesthesia and ice will help a lot with deadening the area before the injection.Conscious sedation is possible or some oral medication can be given  to you after you have signed your consent.  Or you can sign the consent at your pre op and take the oral med at home with someone else driving.Don't drive with medication

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