Would a third rhinoplasty be safe?

I had a titanium implant put in for breathing problems but it was causing some issues so had it removed a year later - so I have had two surgeries on my nose. I am currently unhappy with the SHAPE of my nose I want to remove my hump and make my nose thinner and straight - will there be complications due to my prior surgeries?

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Revision rhinoplasty

Hello! Each time you undergo rhinoplasty there is scar tissue formed that makes it more difficult to go back and get precise results. While there are always risks, excellent results CAN be obtained, but it is important to have an experienced revision rhinoplasty specialist. Make sure you have a thorough discussion about how many revisions he performs each week and year, look at before/after photos of revisions and have your nose morphed to show what is realistic. Good luck!

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Would a third rhinoplasty be safe?

A tertiary rhinoplasty is harder than primary rhinoplasty due to the previous interruptions of the normal anatomy and scar tissue formation. a thorough examination of the internal and external portion of the nose is required for a very difficult Surgical procedure.

William Portuese, MD
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Is a Third Rhinoplasty Safe?

There are risks with any surgery and a revision rhinoplasty is always more challenging but experienced revision specialist do surgery on patients like yourself everyday. During consultation discuss your alternatives, risks, and expectations.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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