What should I do to my broken cheekbones after assault? (Photo)

Hi I'm asking about my cheekbones got broken in a serious assult took place while I was sitting down on a chair an some guy come an broke my cheek bones an fractured my skull I've been suffering really bad sinice been a year or so I can't feel my upper lip noise an left eye an left cheek is in a bad way an especially my gum is out of place my teeth are so sore all the time there gone out of shape I can't even breathe properly what can I do as I'm having so much trouble

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Needs evaluation

An exam and evaluation by a plastic surgeon are necessary.  A CT scan will show the bone damage.  Reconstruction with implants, fat injections or fillers, or moving the bones may be necessary.  University medical centers usually can help with this type of major trauma reconstruction.

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