Is there any procedure similar to the MonaLisa Touch covered by health insurance?

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Insurance coverage

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Unfortunately,  the answer is "no".  Currently there is no CPT code to submit for this laser therapy or any of the other current aesthetic procedures to treat vaginal health.

I agree with the other physicians who have commented that this procedure is more than worth the price and several of my patients and their partners have stated they would " pay double" for the benefits they have received from treatment.

For patients using vaginal estrogen therapy or Oshena the cost is significant, especially when insurance doesn't cover it (Medicare), and this cost continues as long as you fill the prescription (which one must continue to use as prescribed or it will not work). With Mona Lisa there is the initial cost but after that just a yearly one time treatment. With MonaLisa many patients experience relief and benefits just weeks after the first treatment. In contrast, it can take several months to see improvement with traditional current therapies, and those benefits are often very minimal, but until Mona Lisa it was all we had as physicians to recommend. 

If you read the comments from patients here on Real Self, I think you will see that the majority of them felt the cost was more than worth it and the benefits were HUGE!

Insurance coverage?

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No, not covered. However, there is a limited cost since there is no hospital or operating room charge. It takes 5 minutes after the anesthetic cream and is painless. It works very well for the right patient--what is better than this. The question is, "Why is it not more expensive!" with such value. Ask for a payment plan etc. Do not only do things covered by insurance if not of value. Good luck. Also, this is FDA approved.

MonaLisa and FemiLift are not covered by insurance

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No insurance covers these procedures. If you have vaginal dryness from atrophy, insurance will cover estrogens and osphena.

No, there isn't.

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No, Pet59, there isn't anything like MonaLisa Touch that's covered by insurance.  After practicing gynecology for 18yrs, I was so excited to find (and ultimately add) this option to my practice.  MonaLisa Touch has been described as a "miracle" to my patients that either don't want, or can't use, estrogen.  And, my patients are actually saying that their husbands would pay even more for it!  I definitely understand the financial burden, but some of my patients are coming off their vaginal estrogen and saving money that way.  Good luck!

Gayle Singleton-Yatawara, MD
Winston Salem OB/GYN

Insurance Coverage Uncovered

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No Medical insurance plan covers the MonaLisa treatment nor any similar vaginal laser and radio frequency treatment. It is impossible to even submit to insurance because the treatments have no medical codes. However, being covered by insurance doesn't' mean that you have no out of pocket expenses. In fact so many health insurance plan deductibles and co-insurances well exceed the MonaLisa price tag. Which means even if these treatments were "covered" by insurance, you would be paying for them out of pocket anyway. Fortunately, the treatments are covered by your Flex Plan, HSA, HRA, FSA or any other type of Health Savings Account. So check with HR or your employer to see if you have any of these types of plans. Also, if you are a participant of a Medical Health Share ministry (an approved Obamacare option or rather an insurance opt out), they may agree to cover the treatments if is not a pre-existing condition being treated. Luckily, our office accepts CareCredit as well as other financing options with payments as low as $50 per month.

Alternative to MonaLisa Touch

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Unfortunately,  there are no other laser procedure that is FDA approved for gynecological use other than the MonaLisa Touch. As you are well aware, insurance does not cover this revolutionary procedure that is helping thousands of women maintain intimacy after menopause and after breast cancer treatments. As a gynecologist, I never want cost to get in the way of a good medical procedure and therefore offer CareCredit as an option for this treatment.

Not really

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CO2 laser treatments, whether it be MonaLisa Touch, Femilift, or CoreIntima, are generally not covered by insurance.   While these treatments have been proven to be effective in multiple trials and might qualify as medically necessary under insurance guidelines, there is no movement to develop codes that would allow them to be billed to insurance.

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