Am I possibly developing double bubble or something else adverse? (Photo)

2 1/2 PO- Ive been wearing sports bras/comfort bras almost daily/nightly since surgery. I have noticed within the last two weeks that I had a slight 'indention' under both breasts but more noticable to the eye on my right. I dont think its a double bubble, as my breasts both fold over a little at the crease where theyre supposed to- so Im wondering if I can prevent whatever is going on from worsening? Im going to bring it up to my PS next week. See pics for specific comments..

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Am I possibly developing double bubble or something else adverse?

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You don't appear to have a double bubble deformity. I would recommend that you allow your breast to heal for a couple more months as many minor issues like you describe will resolve as the breast settle into their permanent position.

Am I possibly developing double bubble or something else adverse?

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Appears as very very minimal edge deformity. I correct these with micro Fat Grafts and rigotomies....

At 2 weeks post-op it is early to conclude that there is a permanent "double bubble"

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At this point, tissues are still relaxing and accommodating to the implants.  What I see from the pictures that you are showing is that there was a bit of asymmetry pre-op, and your folds were a bit high, with the right being slightly higher than the left.  What this means is that your surgeon, appropriately, had to slower the inframammary fold slightly on both sides to accommodate the new diameter of the implant and to keep the nipple at the visual center of the breast.  This will cause some migration of the old inframammary tissues up onto the lower aspect of the breast.  Given also that the folds and lower pole contours of the two breasts were different pre-op, you would expect to see them looking slightly different post-op too, especially this early.  In fact, what I see at this stage post-op is exactly what I would expect based upon your pre-op image, and it's a very nice early post-op result.  So, in truth, yes, you have a very mild form of "double bubble" right now in that your old tissues/breast contour are still in the process of accommodating to the new one which includes now an implant.  This will take time, perhaps upward of a few months or longer to stabilize.  Sometimes there will be some mild lasting asymmetries even after the breasts stabilize with time, because what we see pre-op will be transmitted to the post-op breasts.  In other words, if one hangs slightly differently or has a different shape than the other pre-op, we can expect that there may still be some subtle difference post-op too.  I think your idea of bringing it up with your surgeon next week is an excellent one, and you will do well to communicate openly with him about your concerns and get his perspective on what you are seeing.  Good luck.

Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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Concerns with contour

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Thank you for your pictures. Your result is excellent. Your contour issue is very slight. No one will have the answer if this will get worse or better only observation/time will tell.

Does Breast Augmentation Patient Have Double Bubble?

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When you see your plastic surgeon, express your concern. He/she can feel the implant and let you know his/her assessment. Sometimes the lower breast area, where the breast tissue thins, allows the implant to be felt more easily. A double bubble could occur if the skin stretched, allowing the implant to fall below the level of the breast tissue.

Your surgeon can give you an opinion after a physical exam.

Click on the link below to see a double-bubble case with surgical correction.

Heather J. Furnas, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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Am I possibly developing double bubble or something else adverse?

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Double bubble referes to the presence of implant below the inframammary crease. This is created by the surgeon dissecting the pocket below or inferior to the anatomic crease. This crease on the bottom of the breast is a very specific anatomic entity. It does NOT appear in my opinion that you have this condition.

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