LASIK 2 weeks ago, perfect vision and no dry-eye, however feel a constant pressure in left eye and occasional headaches. (photo)

I had LASEK on 16-07-2016, my vision is currently near perfect and I have no dry-eye symptoms. However from around 7 days into my treatment I began experiencing light pressure in my left eye, it tends to feel worse late at night though not drastic. Now, nearly 2 weeks in the pressure is still there. The optician said I am healing perfectly with no signs of haze or inflammation. But I have eye pressure and occasional headaches - why could this be? I am now .5 oversighted - thank you

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I am sorry to hear about your problem. It is likely that you feel pressure in the eye because you HAVE high pressure in the eye,  something that happens about 20-30% of the time,  being caused by the steroid eye drops that you take after the procedure. The other explanation is that you are over corrected by more than 0.5 diopters and the discomfort feels like pressure.

Best, Dr. Saimovici

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