Trying to find the best plastic surgeon in my city for alar base reduction. I'm a African American male with thick skin. (photo)

I'm a African American male with thick skin and plan to have a alar base reduction in January... This question is to get the opinion of other surgeons, while looking at the two surgeons website in my area, their are no before and after pics of African American men or women but on the treatment list it says they specialize in this procedure.. Should I trust this with limited photos or keep searching??? Thanks for your response..

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Considerations for Alar Base Reduction

Consider scheduling consultations with the plastic surgeons in your area and ask about their particular experience with AA male patients. Some patients do not wish to have there photos posted online and this may explain the lack of portfolio patients for you to see. Congratulation on searching for information regarding nasal enhancement. 

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AA rhinoplasty

Hello and thank you for your question. It would be best to discuss with the physicians why they have limited photos and see if their reasoning makes sense. In my practice AA seeking rhinoplasty is often taboo and patients do not want their faces shown publicly. 

Good luck in finding the right doctor.

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