Exilis treatments on small fat pad on abdomen - Timeframe between treatments?

I am having exilis done on a small area of abdomen (fat pad). I am 5'4" 118 pounds. My doctor wants to schedule treatments every 3 - 4 days. Is this the optimal timeframe?

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Timing of treatments for Exilis

When Exilis is done for thinning of the fat layer, as in the abdomen, we perform treatments about one week apart. Some people get tender nodules with the treatments as the fat is broken down and the we increase time between treatments. For tightening of the skin that we most often do in the facial area the appointments are a bit further apart, usually in the two to three week area. It depends on how much fat you are trying to lose but generally 4 treatments are needed, more if there is an excess amount of fat. Exilis is one of my favorite non invasive treatments since it can be quite comfortable yet has great results. I have my aesthetician give me a touch up treatment at least every 6 months for facial skin tightening and go right back to seeing patients in the office without any one noticing.

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Exilis treatments on small fat pad on abdomen - Timeframe between treatments?

Thank you for your question. Typically we schedule Exilis treatments for about a week apart. This protocol is to give the skin time to heal between treatments, if necessary, and early enough to continue to elimination of the fat cells in the area. I don't think 4 days would be problematic for most patients. You should go with recommendation of your own plastic surgeon on this one.  

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
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One week

Exilis can be an excellent way to recontour small areas of body fat. One week in between treatments of the same area is optimal. 

Richard W. Westreich, MD
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One week

The time between exillis treatments for the body should be about a week. This s early enough to allow for lipolysis(death of fat cells) to continue and long enough for skin to gain do some collagenesis and heal. Best of luck!

Neda Vanden Bosch, MD
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No optimum


There is no optimum time frame for having the treatments and they can be performed every 3 - 4 days if necessary. The only problem with this is potential blistering of the skin due to repeated heating. The usual interval between treatments is one week to allow for this.

The theory is to maintain the heat on the fat cells to induce them to die off. This is done by consistently heating the cells over a few sessions.

Good luck

Mustafa Ganijee, MBChB, BSc
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