Will a brow lift and blepharoplasty fix naturally hooded eyes?

I have always had low eyebrows and hooded eyes, even as a teenager. The hood of my left eye is getting a little droopy and my eye doctor said I needed to get blepharoplasty at some point so that my vision would not be interfered with. My plastic surgeon has recommended both brow lift and bleph. Since I have always had hooded eyes, will they be unhooded once I have this surgery? It would be nice to be able to see my upper lid for the first time ever.

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Brow Lift

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Thank you for your question. I suggest that you move forward and consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon to discuss your candidacy for both procedures. There is imaging technology that can forecast - quite accurately, which is remarkable - how certain procedures will change your aesthetic appearance and prove if it can or cannot meet your desires. It is a useful process to undergo with your surgeon.

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Will a brow lift and blepharoplasty fix naturally hooded eyes?

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 Hi, I have performed many Brow Lifts and Eyelid Surgeries over the past 30 years.    During your consultation, the surgeon should stand behind you as you look into a mirror and elevate your eyebrows into their proper aesthetic position as outlined in my book on face and body beauty.  When this is done there are three possible outcomes that decide what should be considered, Brow Lift, Eyelid Surgery, or a combination of both.

1. All the excess upper eyelid fullness is gone when the brows are elevated to their proper aesthetic position.  This means all the laxity is due to the low eyebrows and a Brow Lift is recommended alone.  Should upper eyelid skin be removed in this scenario, the eyebrows will be pulled down further as the incision is closed, which should be avoided.

2. None of the upper eyelid fullness is reduced.  This means that the eyebrows are in the proper aesthetic position and all the fullness is due to excess upper eyelid skin and an Upper eyelid surgery alone is recommended.

3. The most common in women over 50 years of age is when the brows are lifted, some but not all of the upper eyelid fullness is removed.  This means the eyebrows are low and there is excess upper eyelid skin.  For complete upper eyelid rejuvenation both a Brow Lift and upper eyelid surgery is required.  If only a Brow Lift is performed some but not all of the upper eyelid fullness is reduced.  If an upper eyelid surgery alone is considered, only the remaining amount of excess upper eyelid fullness shown with this maneuver can be removed.  If more is removed, the eyebrows will be pulled downward.  

Hope this helps.

Browlifts and bleph for naturally hooded eyes?

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Hello Majorminor,

Thank you for a great question.  It is hard to answer you definitively without pictures to review.  However, in general, the brow and upper eyes are evaluated as a unit to determine if a Browlifts, blepharoplasty or both would give the most natural looking result.  If you have always had low brows and hooded eyes, it is very possible that both the brow position and extra eyelid skin need to be addressed for the optimum result.  I hope that helps.  I would recommend seeing a facial plastic specialist to discuss your concerns.

All my best!  Dr. Elizabeth

"This answer has been solicited without seeing this patient and cannot be held as true medical advice, but only opinion.  Seek in person treatment with a trained medical professional for appropriate care."

Will a brow lift and blepharoplasty fix naturally hooded eyes?

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You are asking us to answer a question about how certain procedures would change your look without giving us the benefit of knowing what you look like so it is not possible to answer your question. Feel free to resubmit with full face front and side photos and we can give you some ideas.

Brow Lift and Blepharoplasty to Fix Hooded Eyes

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It is impossible to offer suggestions without pictures. Many time a brow lift is all that is necessary. Looking in the mirror you can answer this question yourself. Lift the brows to the desired position; if you still have excess upper eyelid skin this can be removed with a blepharoplasty. I recommend that you consider the Irregular Trichophytjc Hairline Incision technique that we described many years ago for the brow lift so you can maintain or improve your hairline position if necessary. All other techniques will raise the hairline.

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Upper face rejuvenation

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  • When considering upper face rejuvenation, it is best to consider the brow and lids as a unit.  Without seeing photographs, it's difficult to determine what is needed to help you achieve the look you're desiring.  If the brow hangs below the orbital rim, a browlift, usually done endoscopically will help.  If , after raising the brow,there is crepe paper excess over the lids,Blepharoplasty should be considered.

Brow lift and blepharoplasty to fix naturally hooded eyes

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A full set of facial photographs are required to make a determination about being a candidate for two completely different procedures. A brow lift is performed for patients who have low set eyebrows. An upper blepharoplasty procedure is performed when patients have excess skin creating the hooded look. Both procedures can be performed together or separately depending upon patient's desires. For more information and many examples of both procedures, please see the link and the video below

Brow lift and blepharoplasty

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Hooding of the lateral brow and heavy appearing eyelids develop as we age. The tired appearance of the upper eyelid can be contributed to by descent of the brow, Upper eyelid skin excess, upper eyelid fat excess, or a combination of these things. Proper treatment planning requires consideration of the brow and eyelid as a unit, and it may require addressing both brow position and eyelid concerns for optimal rejuvenation. With this approach, Beautiful results are possible. Best regards. 

Sean R. Weiss, MD, FACS
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