Would a alarplasty help my wide nose?? (photos)

Would also like to know what is needed for closed 20year old nose piercings on each nostril and acne scar on nose. Also would like to know a price range or figure..

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Alarplasty would lessen the width of your nose.  Alone this procedure would be between $2000-3000 all inclusive.  If, however, you would request a rhinoplasty for the tip of the nose the procedure would range from $5000-7000.  Closure of the piercings would be an office procedure around 
$500-700.  Thanks for the questions

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Alarplasty and acne scar

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Thank you for your question.  An alarplasty should not widen your nose, and actually should narrow the nostril width and flare.  It is performed by making an incision, hidden within the nostril wall (ala), to reshape the base of the nose. I would suggest consulting with a board certified facial plastic or general plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty to discuss your concerns and goals.  

Unfortunately, from your pictures it is difficulty to tell exactly where you scar is.  However, you may be a candidate for a direct excision versus surgical remodeling (Z-plasty) of the scar.  

I hope that this helps!
-David Gilpin  

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