What is bioliponemesi? Post pregnancy tummy, saggy skin and lots of strech marks.

Today i went to one of the clinics close to Milan ( i live in Italy). My aim was to loose pregnancy strech marks.The doctor said that my problem is sagging skin( he said it will get worst when i lose more weight - still have to chop of around 25 pounds to be in my healthy BMI. He ofert bioliponemesi as a solution. I spent all day on google and cant find anythink except his clinic which advertises this method. PLEASE help me as i'm not sure what to do.

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Just say NO!

If this is the only place offering the "revolutionary" treatment, it must be really "special!"

But, more likely, it's simply this doctor's brand of snake oil!

If you have lots of saggy skin, stretch marks, and stretched muscles from pregnancy, you need a tummy tuck (including muscle repair). Even more so after you get to your desired weight. But have a tummy tuck by a reputable plastic surgeon (not this guy). Expect to pay the appropriate amount, but at least you will have NOT wasted your money, time, and potential risk on non peer-reviewed, non-published, treatment that may be harmful. Even if it's totally safe, don't you think if it REALLY worked someone else would be aware of it? Beware testamonials touting this treatment's success--they could be paid shills or the doctor's own staff!

Run, don't walk, away from this doctor! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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