Needle holes after subcision?

I had subcision to treat a depressed scar three months ago. I am left with a nodule and a hole where the needle went in. I am more concerned with the needle hole. Is there any way I can improve the appearance of the needle hole?

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Subcision Lifting Typically Leaves No Permanent Surface Marks

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I have been performing subcision lifting wtih gratifying results for treating all kinds of depressed scars for well over twenty years. The success of the procedure depends upon the person's ability to make new, native collagen (neocollagenesis) and new, native elastin fibers(neoelastogenesis) in response to treatment. Occasionally, small bumps or nodules form within the treated site as, as you seem to describe here, due to an over abundance of collagen production. Often this goes down spontaneously with time or it may be reduced more quickly using an an injection of an antiiflammaory agent. Now, without a bit more history it is impossible to know, but the residual hole you describe may relate to the use of an exceptionally wide bore cutting needle. Experienced physicians typically choose the narrowest needle to get the job done in order to avoid this kind of rare, potential complication. If the divet persists after complete healing, the site could be treated like a pit scar with the TCA CROSS technique. Make sure that you are consulting with a board certified aesthetic core physician. Good luck to you.

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