Binders with Lipo. My Legs Feel Tight and Burn, Ankles Look Larger; Could Compression by too Tight?

I had lipo on my stomach 6 days ago. 800 cc removed and I use a binder. I noticed today that my legs feel really tight and burn when I bend down. My ankles also look larger. Could the compression be too tight or am I not drinking enough fluids? Should I be concerned?

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Leg pain and swelling after liposuction

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There are various possible causes. The most likely culprits after liposuction are -

  • The binder is too tight, pressing on nerves and causing swelling.
  • You are retaining fluid.
  • You are standing or sitting with your legs hanging down.
  • All of the above  

I suggest you call your plastic surgeon. Discuss the problem. Ask about loosening the binder and make an appointment to be checked. Best wishes!


Leg Swelling after Liposuction of Abdomen?

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Thank you for the question.

Although the swelling of the lower extremities may be related to  dependent edema, fluid shifts around the time of surgery... it is always in your best interest to communicate postoperative findings/experience with your plastic surgeon who knows you and your situation best. With any type of lower extremity swelling consideration should be given to the possibility of the presence of clots in the legs or pelvis ( deep venous thrombosis).

Best wishes.

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