Is Binder Suppose to Bunch Up at the Top? Dr. Adjusted It and Feel Like Its Bunched Up, is This Normal?

dr. adjusted it & made it looser, but feel like from getting up&down its bunched at top . is this normal? get drains out tues.and worried about garmet. its sitting right above where tubes are coming out. does anyone know any info. about this or had it happen to them? also is it more comfortable after tubes are out?? the more info. i can get greatly appreciated

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Garment Care after Tummy Tuck

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I believe your garment will feel more comfortable once the drains are removed.   In regard to the bunching at the top, this is not uncommon.    As long as you are healing well, you may be more comfortable and secure with your binder on tighter.    It may also make it less likely to migrate.


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Having tube is normal and the garment bunching up is normal as well. You the patient has to make sure you keep pulling it down to make it not bunch up. You don’t want to cut any circulation to your incision. Once the drains come out you will feel better you will have something less to worry about. Make sure your tubes are not touching your skin and that your incision is completely covered. You should follow up with your PS to make sure everything is in tacked.


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