Binder & Spanx Like Garments? (photo)

tummy tuck was 5/20/13 My birthday was 5/22 :) 1.The hospital gave me 1 basic white binder the NEXT DAY after the surgery. Did that do damage to my tummy tuck? They did not giving me the binder until the next day when my dr came to check on me, he was upset! 2.What type of binder and spanx or spanx like garment for recovery? 3My stomach is swollen , but it could be much worse, however my legs especially thighs are swollen, numb & weird pain. How long will this last?

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Binder after tummy tuck

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I doubt that you did any damage by not having the binder until the day after surgery. Surgeons have different routines regarding binders and girles. Stick with what your own surgeon recommends.

No particular advantage of one pressure garment over another.

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There is no particular advantage of one pressure garment over another. Pressure garments do not be damage. Often times different garments or exchange during convalescence because of specific needs.

Swelling after a tummy tuck

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Swelling can take several months to resolve after a tummy tuck.  Check with your plastic surgeon about the specifics relating to the garment that he or she prefers.

Garments/ Binders and Tummy Tuck Results?

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Although your concerns are understandable, it is very unlikely that the use of abdominal wall binder ( or not) will affect the long-term outcome of the procedure performed. Given that every plastic surgeon may have a different “routine”, best to follow  your own plastic surgeon's recommendations  in this regard.

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